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what is lagree?

strength, endurance,
& flexibility

At PureFit Studio we offer a full body, high intensity, low impact workout. You will be led through a multifaceted group class that pairs resistance training on the Megaformer combined with cardio. This machine provides a spring based workout which allows for quick transitions as well as being safe and effective. You will enjoy burning calories, building lean, toned, strong muscles, along with better flexibility, longer endurance and improved cardio health in just 50 minutes.

Many of the movements practiced in this method utilize up to 600 muscles at a time. Depending on the intensity of the daily workout, anywhere between 200 and 600 calories can be burned in a single class, plus you will experience after-burn, continuing to burn calories well after your workout is done. Our passion is to help motivate and push you to build a strong body, powerful mind and a more confident you.

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the science

a different kind
of workout

The Lagree method is a high intensity, low impact workout that strengthens with minimal risk of injury to the joints or connective tissue utilizing the Megaformer. This piece of equipment is spring loaded which allows the user to adjust tension for a workout built to suit their needs.

Our instructors are trained to apply a time under tension approach with quick transitions during the workout keeping the heart rate high and the muscles engaged for longer periods.

This method combined with the use of super-sets challenges the muscle groups, and activates slow-twitch muscle fibers which increases stamina and oxygen capacity of the muscles, allowing the body to burn more calories for longer periods of time creating a leaner, stronger you.

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Owner / Instructor

Gina Vaughn

Gina Vaughn, owner and instructor of PureFit Lagree Studio, has been a Lagree method instructor for over ten years and a practicing member for almost fifteen. She is certified not only in the Lagree method, but classical pilates and TRX as well. She has been an athlete her whole life, and some of her passions include swimming, running, biking, skiing, and wakeboarding. This studio is the second Lagree studio she has owned and operated, and finds passion not only in helping people achieve their fitness goals, but creating a fun community to support their goals outside of working out, as well as establish lifelong friendships and a healthy body image. She is excited to bring her experience and passions to Central Oregon!



Brooke started her fitness career over ten years ago in group fitness teaching bootcamps. From there she continued her journey by completing her yoga certification, and taught various styles including pre-natal, restorative, flow and yin. She then moved into teaching pre-natal fitness, as well as getting certified and teaching Barre and Lagree. She loves Lagree because it is low impact while still building strength and working mobility. Brooke spends most of her time with her family enjoying all of the various outdoor activities Bend has to offer. At PureFit she offers a unique class that combines her love for yoga and Lagree called the "yin kicker"



Katelyn is a NASM-certified personal trainer and Lagree certified instructor. Katelyn was first introduced to Lagree earlier this year and fell in love with it after her very first class. Outside of the studio, you can usually find her at the volleyball courts, working on her many ongoing art projects, reading, or spending time with friends and family. While she has always been an athlete with a passion for fitness, it wasn't until a shoulder injury resulting in surgery that inspired her to change career paths. She has a passion for helping everyone get strong so they can continue to do the things they love for as long as possible.



Abby took her first Lagree class in 2021 and was immediately hooked! She loved that it was such an effective full body workout and that it hit those deep core muscles. Soon after she became a Lagree certified instructor. When she's not at the studio, she works as a project manager and in her free time she enjoys barre, yoga, hiking, paddle boarding, horseback riding, wine tasting, and spending time with her husband, son & pit bull.



Reiko has always had a passion for sports and fitness. She took her first Lagree class in 2023 and was immediately intrigued by the innovative workout concept of Lagree and was certified shortly after. She loved that it strengthened those fine connective tissues and muscles that are so prone to sports injuries, yet still targeted core muscles, balance and flexibility. She loves the outdoors- snowboarding, hiking, surfing, paddling, wakeboarding, and spending time with her family.



Zarah first experienced Lagree in 2023 and soon after became certified. She was immediately convinced of the value of Lagree, physically, mentally and emotionally. Her anatomy knowledge as a massage therapist proved highly beneficial in understanding how Lagree works the whole body so effectively. When not at PureFit, Zarah works as a licensed massage therapist, and enjoys paddle boarding, camping, skiing, and exploring Central Oregon with her family.

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New Client Specials

New to Lagree? This low-cost, low-commitment option is great if you're just looking to give it a try. Come visit us for a few classes and see what you think!

3 Classes - $45 or 5 Classes - $75
1 Month Unlimited - $125
(Limit 1 Class Per Day)

Class Packages

Our Class Packages are great if you're new to the method, if you do extended traveling, or if you're visiting or just spending a season in Central Oregon.

5 Class Pack - $149 (3 Month Expiration)
10 Class Pack - $249 (3 Month Expiration)


We have membership options are the perfect way to make Lagree part of your regular exercise routine. We'd love to have you as one of our members!

4 visits per month - $89
8 visits per month $159
Unlimited (month to month) - $229
Addicted (Annual Membership) - $199
*Prices are per month

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Joining a friend? Just want to see what Lagree is all about?
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Drop in Rate - $35 Per Class
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